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Yimi Lo

Yimi Lo is a product within the BBBEE level 2 Alfa and Omega NBS (Pty) Ltd www.alfaomega.co.za

Yimi Lo should be your personal and SMME preferred hosted information application. You have control of your information with easy access through the Yimi Lo website and a unique QR code application. As an individual Yimi Lo is your “personal resume” to present to persons or organisations you wish to share your information with. Organisations (SMME’s) could use Yimi Lo as their “business and people portal” to capture and share agreed information with their people and third parties.

We are a George, Western Cape, South Africa based business with a client base across South Africa.

Our Yimi Lo team is a collaborative networked team consisting of business solutionists, digital marketing consultants and ITC developers.

About Yimi Lo

Yimi Lo is an isiZulu phrase which means “it is me” and in Afrikaans “dit is ek”. This application allows you to have relevant personal, work, and other information, hosted in a Web application with access through the web or a unique QR code link.

You are in control of allowing access to your personal or business information to enquiring persons or parties validating that it is you or relevant information pertaining your business. “It is me”

Yimi lo is effectively your “Personal Virtual Resume” and or your “Business and People Portal”

Your personal information is strictly managed and governed under the provision of the Popi Act. Click here to see our terms of use and privacy policy.

Apart from the standard application Yimi Lo is configurable to a “bespoke” industry or business requirement.

Yimi Lo hosts an individual’s personal biographical information, skills, and knowledge (acquired competencies), work experience, personal references, background verifications and has a document storage facility in which personal records, certificates, copies of ID’s, drivers’ licences, etc.

Yimi Lo is suited for individuals for sharing their information with potential employers, businesses requiring identification of their employees for example on construction sites, access to estates or buildings, sales staff, Local Government workers, EPWP workers, migrant workers, farm workers, or any person or business with whom you wish or are required to share your information with.

As a business (SMME) Yimi Lo is suited as a “bespoke” business and people (HR) portal for hosting your business-related documents and policies such as employee records, business policies, statutory information, business structure, and other information as required within the ambit of your agreed the storage capacity.

Your Information

Your information is hosted in a secure / encrypted cloud-based information server.

Standard information pertaining to individual users, or an employee record will include:

    – Head and Shoulder Photo
    – Biographical Information
    – Resume, inclusive of:

    • Work Experience
    • Education / Qualifications / Job training requirements
    • Competencies
    • References
    • Work Related reviews

    – Document Storage Vault in which related pdf / jpeg documents are stored

    – Such as copies of:

    • Driver’s Licences
    • ID document or Passport
    • COVID vaccination certificate
    • Qualifications
    • Employment Testimonals

    Additional information could include:

    • Background Verifications
    • Credit Record
    • Criminal Record

    Other related as required – please go to www.grvs.co.za

      Business (SMME)

      Business (SMME) recommended standard information should include:

      • Company information
      • Statuary documents
      • Company Policies and templates. (A comprehensive People/ HR policy with templates is included in
        the SMME Business and People Portal).
      • Business Structure
      • Employee records with individual view access of employees to their information with a unique QR coded Yimi Lo card or other suitable QR code access. 

      A “bespoke” industry and organization configurable solution suite to the needs of your business can be developed.


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